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MDSplus Web Site powered by MediaWiki

Thanks to the hard work of Mark London at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center at MIT and the suggestions and ideas provided by computing staff at GA in San Diego, the MDSplus web site has been ported over to a wiki system. This should greatly reduce the effort of adding content and correcting existing content on the web site. It will also provide a mechanism for MDSplus users worldwide to participate in the MDSplus documentation effort. Any assistance in improving the site will be greatly appreciated by the whole MDSplus community. If you have struggled to accomplish some task using MDSplus because of errors or omissions in the documentation here is your chance to contribute to the documenation so that the next person can learn from your experience.

If you would like to contribute please request an account by clicking on the "Request an account" link on the login page. All aspects of the site can be modified through the wiki interface including the navigation panel. If you feel that any major site organization is needed please run your idea past Tom Fredian before making the change.