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In the first lesson we have seen how to create and fill a MDSplus tree. It is worth noting that in the real world most data in the tree will be written by data acquisition or elaboration programs. Only configuration data and set-up parameters will be stored in the tree using TCL or jTraverser.

This section describes the Application Programming Interfaces of MDSplus. More recent APIs use an Object Oriented (OO) Approach and present a very similar interface, despite the different target languages.

  • Python, C++ and Java share the same OO organization.
  • LabVIEW reflects a similar organization in the peculiar LabVIEW context.
  • For backward compatibility, the old C interface is presented, but developers are highly discouraged using it.
  • The FORTRAN interface is the oldest one and it offers and old style API organization.
  • Also the IDL interface presents the old style API organization.
  • MATLAB API allows both OO programming, exporting in MATLAB the MDSplus Java classes, and the old style approach using mdsconnect() and mdsvalue() routines.
  • An experimental interface to Julia is also presented.