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With Error Data Type

MDSplus provides a with error data type which enables you to attach error information to a value. A with error data item is a structure containing two "fields". The first field is the value and the second is the error. Each part of a with error data type can be either missing or a value of any other supported data type. General applications available at your site may assume some convention on the type of data each field contains.

A with error item can be created using the BUILD_WITH_ERROR or MAKE_WITH_ERROR functions. For example:

_mydata = BUILD_WITH_ERROR([42,43,40],[.5,.45,.6])

The following table lists some of the functions available for creating or accessing with error items:

Function Description
BUILD_WITH_ERROR Build a with error structure
DATA Evaluates value portion of with error item converting to one of integer, float or text
ERROR_OF Return the error field of with error structure
MAKE_WITH_ERROR Make a with error structure
VALUE_OF Return the value field of with error structure